1st week
Introduction to the course
2nd week
Principles of Creating form and Space
Concepts of Urban Design
-          Urban design as the art of creating and shaping cities and towns
-          Elements of urban design
Group Work 1a: Determining design principles of a residential environment
3rd week
The Relationship between Human Activities and Urban Design
-          Human needs on urban space
-          Users of urban space
Public Space as An Element of Urban Design
4th week
Civic Art as An Element of Urban Design
Group Work 1b: Capturing samples of civic art in our university
5th week
Urban Traffic Circulation-Part 1
-          Public transportation
-          Cars, highways
6th week
Urban Traffic Circulation-Part 2
-          Design for pedestrians
-          Streets
Group Work 2: Redesigning the transportation scheme of Cankaya University campus
7th week
Mid-Term Exam
Landscape as An Element of Urban Design
Bonus Group Work: Designing a play ground a square in Cankaya University Campus
8th week
City Plans as Tools of Urban Design
-          Urban design in different periods
Urban Design in Ancient Greece
-          The Acropolis, The Agora
-          Greek Towns: Miletus, Priene, Alexandria
9th week
Group Work 3a: Designing an Ancient Greek city
10th week 
Urban Design in Ancient Rome
-          The Republican Forum, The Imperial Forum, The Curia
-          Roman Towns: Aosta )military town), Timgad (colonial town), Temples of Ammon (Egypt), Temples of Baalbek (Lebanon), Hadrian’s villa
Group Work 3b: Designing an Ancient Roman city
11th week
Urban Design in Medieval Times
-          Italian plaza, Gothic verticality
-           Medieval Town: Siena (The Piazza Del Campo), Florence (The Piazza S. Croce)
Submission of final research topics
12th week
Urban Design in Renaissance
-          Ideal cities, Renaissance Landscape Architecture
-          Renaissance Towns: Ferrara, Fontana’s plan for Rome, Urban plazas, English, French and Italian Landscaping, Paris, London
Sustainability as An Urban Design Criterion
Group Work 4: Redesigning the campus of Cankaya University as a sustainable environment.
13th week
Analysis of Urban Space
- Using SWOT analysis technique in urban space analysis
Group Work 5: Analyzing the city of Ankara with respect to urban design principles
14th week
Criticizing Our cities with Reference to Urban Design Principles
General Discussion